Appetite for Discussion Radio Show

Behold the talk show of talk shows! If it’s in the news, or just bizarre, we’ll be discussing it! If it is really bizarre, we’ll we’ll beat it into submission! Layered with unique weekly guests, crazy segments, and viewpoints that just might fry your brain and make you pee your pants at the same time! Ashley Bottoms is an established model, actress, author, and radio personality who resides in the Boston area. Because she is transgender, some people have been quick to question whether or not it would hinder her dreams. Sadly, while some doors have closed, her quick wit and charm have paved for her a way to success that not have been possible any other way. When she is not covering a comic con or local convention, or airing her “what did she just say?” opinions on-air, she can be found donating her time for charities or working hard to establish herself for that next big thing.